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Who We Are

Auto Shopper Corp is a professional negotiating company created to help our clients purchase their (new) vehicle and save you $. The auto industry is a HUGE MONEY GAME and can cost you thousands more than you think if you aren’t prepared. There are a lot of steps to the purchase process. Let Auto Shopper do it right.


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Our Services

Individual Services

Buying a new vehicle is more complicated than it used to be. More importantly, your personal finances are at stake. Let us “Do the Tough Stuff.”

Corporate Services

Looking to replace your company vehicle? Let Auto Shopper help you realize more value for your corporate vehicles. There is a science behind our strategy.

Personal Shopper

We’ll break it down and help you understand all of your options. You can decide if you want to proceed and save. It's more affordable than you think.

Car Showroom

We save on ALL brands

Everything from Aston Martin to Volkswagen

Whatever the make or model, we have strategies to help. Auto Shopper takes you to the next level of buying.  Our strategies work.

Car Showroom
Insurance Agency

Transparent Results

We will show you the work.

There are a lot of details to the purchase of a new vehicle. ASC will identify the different areas that we can help. You make all the decisions. Auto Shopper works with you throughout the buying process. This is what we do. We have the expertise to navigate through and save you $$$.

We Can Help You Focus

Let Auto Shopper
“Do The Tough Stuff.“

Making a large financial commitment can be stressful. Auto Shopper understands this. We can help you focus on what’s important. This is where buyers can get into trouble and add thousands on to their purchase. Be prepared.

More Reasons to Love Us

This is what we do best.  Give Auto Shopper a call.


We are Unique

ASC has a new perspective. No other company offers this type of service.


We Work for You

Our entire business model is focused on your financial interests.


Your Ace

Many people wish they knew someone that could help them secure a great deal.

People with money tend to do things a bit different. They understand nothing is ever free but if you can get your head wrapped around the financial part you might find a better way to own and purchase vehicles. Auto Shopper has strategies that work. Find out what end of the spectrum you want to be on.

We hear stories every day of how much people actually paid for their vehicles. For some it’s a harsh reality of our lazy attitude of financing everything without question.
It reinforces our hope that buyers will give us a chance to help them. Give Auto Shopper a call and save yourself some $$$

We WILL Save You Money ... Message Us

Auto Shopper understands it takes a leap of faith to learn something new. If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right.


Let us show you. No pressure. It’s all up to you.

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At ASC we have a softer approach.

This is about connecting with key people to create your best deal.

“We do The Tough Stuff”